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he was riding a motorcycle

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PostPosted: Fri 22:15, 03 Jan 2014    Post subject: he was riding a motorcycle

'm afraid I can not control." Part of the family said, wiping away tears. 10:21, the hands and feet are wearing an appliance Yangrui Xi was brought into court. He held his head high, look to the gallery while walking, looking like nothing until the judge let him look to the judgment seat, he turned round. "Snow Yang (Yang Ruixi alias),[url=]hollsiter outlet[/url], you still people do you harm our house so many people." 杨瑞喜 just stood still, staring Yang Ruixi families of the victims cried one, she fiercely waving his hands in the air. " I want to draw him a slap in the face! "Other families of the victims stood up, kept swore Yangrui Xi, crying a plaintiff gallery. Seeing this situation, Yang Ruixi bailiffs rushed out of the courtroom. Judge again to persuade the families of calm, 10:23, Yang Ruixi again been brought into the courtroom. Yang Ruixi sneer answer the trial court, Yang Ruixi admitted all the charges and pleaded guilty. But his remorse, "I went to is a murderer, they push me no way out, I want to go to hell,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], the whole group of people should go to hell." 杨瑞喜 said he also lost during the murder turned both knives, change clothes twice, the purpose is to take the "plan" is completed. Court, the prosecutor issued a psychiatric evaluation of 杨瑞喜, concluded that "there is a personality disorder, but with full criminal responsibility when committing the crime." Legal Aid Center for 杨瑞喜 two designated defender believes that this could be considered in sentencing, asking whether the Yang Ruixi family history of mental illness. "Yes, my brother and some dementia, although he is not normal, but it did not kill ah." Then, Yang Ruixi sneer. 6 families of the victims of nearly 500 million yuan of civil claims, and asked Yang Ruixi sentenced to death. The case is not in court for sentencing. ■ about Yang Ruixi hearts have a blacklist of death, there are six individual lines Xuemou above, Liu, Zhang,[url=]hollister france[/url], Yang, Wei a, Lee. According to his own understanding of resentment, grudges against those who are with him. August 17, 2012, Yang Ruixi killed six people, only two people in the blacklist. Court, Yang Ruixi confessed motive. 1 goal: Xuemou Death: Xuemou daughter and classmates,[url=]barbour outlet[/url], "I broke up with his girlfriend he mix" Xuemou sister had and 杨瑞喜 cohabitation, 杨瑞喜 said, because Xuemou mix, the two broke up,[url=]mulberry sale[/url], who was also implemented fist Xuemou . August 17, 2012, he went to Xuemou revenge Xuemou not at home, 19-year-old daughter and classmates at home, "I want to kill his daughter make him more pain." Xuemou for killing her daughter's classmates, Yangrui Xi said: "At the time wanted to find out her identity, if not the slightest relationship she and Xue, I will let her, but I have not finished she asked if she opened the door and tried to run." Yangrui Xi said, " She opened the door that does not matter, it will affect things behind me, I anxious, tie her. "Yangrui Xi said fiercely. 2 goals: Ryu Death: Ryu remember ten years ago after the killing of a frame Xuemou daughter and classmates, Liu Yang Ruixi rushed home in retaliation. In 2000, his wife Liu 杨瑞喜 was hit, he brought a knife to find Ryu afterwards, again beaten. Fight the process, Liu Yang Ruixi knife to scratch, after the Court of intentional assault sentenced to detention for 10 months. Yangrui Xi said at the time saw Ryu with a child, "I would tie him up twice, and he came running direction of the gas station, I go to catch up and then tie up several times." Yang Ruixi recalls, did not know Ryu around The child was his 9-year-old grandson, now do not say, "if you know, kids get away." 3 goals: Zhang Death: Zhang three "is a slap did not face" retaliation after Ryu, Yangrui Xi Zhang came home to open a supermarket. Yangrui Xi said that in 1991,[url=]hollister[/url], as more than 200 yuan, or not paying the money still matter, Zhang beat him. "Is definitely not playing too." Yangrui Xi said, if a stranger hit two ears, these things will have passed, "but are mixed in the village, you hit me happy, so I did not face ah, so this thing I always remember. "杨瑞喜 said Zhang when he walked into the supermarket, there is a person in the supermarket to buy things. "I directly into the inside, then tie on a knife Zhang, but his wife and father to Lycra, I can not make plans fail, it will also stabbed two of them." Yang Ruixi nonchalantly said. 4 goals: Yang, Wei a, Lee Death: none "owes me $ 10,000 did not formalities," the day of Wei Yang Ruixi also find a home in retaliation. Wei is a Xuemou family relatives, Yangrui Xi said Xuemou hit him that, some have started a lieutenant. According to the testimony of a lieutenant, said Yang Ruixi has twice into his house, he not at home, and his son Yang Ruixi also chatted for a few minutes. Yang Yang Ruixi also went home.杨瑞喜 said that when the 2000 conflict with Liu, Yang had perjury harm themselves. "When the fight, he did not present." 杨瑞喜 said that the first time he went to the wrong, ask someone to find Yang on the other door, "I'll catch his breath," the village after a woman saw him, "I do not want harm innocent people, and left. "two days before the August 17, 2012 murder,[url=]hollister deutschland[/url], Yang Ruixi Lee went home. Lee had owed him ten thousand dollars, "because there is no procedure, I would not be able to prosecute him, only endured." The day he took a knife, find the Lee family, "because he was preparedness, the family dispersed relatively open, and if the hands, there is no way to do things behind." ■ On a return visit to the probe installed doorbell August 17, 2012, Yang Ruixi had hired Yang Dayu village of revenge, because looking in the wrong door, did not realize Yang killed. April 5, reporter Yang family for a return visit. After the incident, Yang's wife to listen to the neighbors said the incident that day at noon, Yang Ruixi homes had to knock the door of his house, because she and Yang nap in the new house, did not hear. "Neighbors said there was a man, riding a motorcycle, long hair,[url=]louboutin[/url], unshaven, someone shouted to him, he did not get off a ferocious people looked, cycling away." Yang's wife said. The village shortly after the murder, the Yang family new home monitoring security door tops, door when the doorbell only basis having to open the door. "Although things have passed, may also have to prevent the point, after all, sometimes still unsafe." Young Wife sigh. "Although much contact with him, but the impression he was a very honest man." Yang said Yang Ruixi long run outside,[url=]hollister outlet[/url], a young man had four cars on the outside to pull bricks, then opened a small shop to make a living. "It now appears that he too unpopular heart that I pulled on the side frame to kill me." Yang said, before he heard people say, Yang Ruixi been unpopular with the former party secretary, will sooner or later come back to take revenge, he really did not think so made. Four killers 杨瑞喜 life inflection criminal psychology experts say, the psychological "junk" does not exclude paranoid personality caused his family's eyes, his introverted personality; in the eyes of his ex-wife, her husband at a disadvantage to have recovered; villagers eyes, he can make money honestly, and even a bit weak; cohabiting girlfriend in the mouth, he was "crazy love beating the curse." One day 30 years ago, 14-year-old father of 杨瑞喜 being tied up, beaten with sticks. He did not resist, his eyes staring straight father did not speak for a whole day. One day 20 years ago, 杨瑞喜 ran home, "his face has a Mahamudra son." He picks up things chaos hit, staring angry without saying a word. After being hit does not speak, such a scenario appears more than once in 杨瑞喜 life inside. August 17, 2012, he was riding a motorcycle, carrying three knives, went Pinggu two villages, killing six people. "All shame, I do not say that in mind on the line." Detention center, Yang Ruixi staring eyes, prosecutors said loud arraignment. Family tied after playing hide from the cave in 1966, Yang Ruixi born in Pinggu District Dayu village, the family of five children, his youngest.杨瑞喜 sister as "introverted" evaluate him, when "I grew to love and he does not speak to us." Primary, Yang Ruixi always learn a person to go to school, the students play in the playground, he stood on the edge look. Because of the small child, Yang Ruixi total bullied beaten, he did not dare Haizui weak, afraid to fight back. At home, when the teacher's father pursued "sticks education", the children often naughty, inevitably a beating. 14 years old, Yang Ruixi they got into trouble. Shortness of breath father tied him up, beat with a stick. He was unable to resist, and looks at his father, eyes cold, "My dad told me very severely, to combat sexual education." Yang Ruixi also feel fear, the bundle was beaten, he did not speak for a whole day, then ran away from home became his way of resistance. On one occasion, call the school to Yang, said Yang Ruixi did not go to school,[url=]peuterey outlet[/url], family looking. When he tried to alarm, but 杨瑞喜 home. Family asked that he only said two days in a cave, and nothing more to say. "I think my parents told me, so I'm relatively estranged parents." 杨瑞喜 always been hostile to the family, even though his father was seriously ill in hospital, before he died, he only went one glance. Love love thwarted once had a happy marriage Yang Ruixi personal happiness lies in love, but not easy. In high school, he likes a girl in the class, people have tried to tell the truth, he was beaten woman's family. Remember family, home, and he said nothing, only chaos smash things. 20 years old, his family found Yang Ruixi eyes always staring at one place, said what his mouth blurted, "always inexplicably angry." 1988, outside the village girl walked Yangrui Xi Yang Meiling's life, she has changed Yang Ruixi family indifference. 22 years old, Yang Ruixi said he "found a family." They was introduced soon after, it was decided to get married. Married Yangrui Xi, Yang Meiling directed his words, "Let's start from scratch over from scratch, and will be able to live on the courtyard." Married four months, Yang Ruixi resolutely and father of the house, move to a single over. Initially, they rely on a four-wheel vehicle, to pull bricks and sand site, "days off we were left." Live on the site, do not let his wife left the Yangrui Xi, moving bricks, shoveling sand was all his doing. In 1990, the couple made money out of eighteen thousand dollars, in the Village head, opened grocery store, and the western end of the early years in the village open house tuck away relatively Gui Wang,[url=]mulberry outlet[/url], two stores each business is booming. Yang Zhao Shun neighbors lived across, when slack, and he often outside the village people playing cards, chatting, "Xiaoqing (Yang Ruixi nickname) does not love to participate, is to open a four-wheel-purchase, move cargo, busy his business. "reticent Yang Ruixi outsider looking in the eyes of his wife, it was a warm-hearted person. Elderly neighbor in difficulty, two sons jail, no money to build a house. Cried the old lady to Yang, Yang Ruixi immediately cope wife, to the elderly took ten thousand. Cause of fire was broken the day ten years of marriage, her husband Yang Meiling considered in addition to "honest and competent", without any strange on character. Until 1993 the twelfth lunar month, from Gui Yang Ruixi ran back home, "his face has a Mahamudra child." Chong Yang Ruixi wife growled, he let Gui hit. Yang Meiling constantly advised, but he flushed, pick up something chaos hit, staring angry without saying a word. Later, 杨美玲 learned things due to business dealings $ 200 when tobacco money, "Gui said 杨瑞喜 owed him money not to." "I'm not the same as playing with strangers, are mixed in the village, let me not face. "杨瑞喜 said in court. In Yang Meiling seems that Yang Ruixi and destroyed one of her good days - Dayu village former secretary Liu Kai. Yang Meiling recalled that in 2000, when Yang Ruixi out the purchase, she take care of business at home, Liu Kai often to patronize. Fengyanfengyu pass into Yang Ruixi ears, he takes the knife to look for Liu Kai evaluation, the result has been hit. After the conflict, Yang Ruixi Manlianshixue ran home, he climbed into his roof, cursed crying. Since then, changes in the order 杨美玲 杨瑞喜 afraid, as long as he was at home, the house of refrigerators, washing machines full swing in the yard, a few drums against doors, windows home was crucified, "I can not let you and your child hurt. "in this fight, Yang Ruixi knife stabbed Liu Kai, was sentenced to 10 months in prison. Prosperous tuck off, the wife of Yang Ruixi to the detention center inmates filed for divorce. After Yang Ruixi prison, sold the house and Dayu village shop, with hate leaving home. Judgment for that year, Yang Ruixi has not approved, "I do not want to appeal does not recognize, remember this hatred would have a heart.", "20 years did not forget " Investigators, Carter. "That I can not forget Shame!" Yang Yang Ruixi head, staring eyes. Survival "is not on the penny on the beat" to leave his home in Yangrui Xi, by transporting feed "Lajiao live" life,[url=]hollsiter sale[/url], Pinggu District also bought a three-bedroom. In 2006, Yang Ruixi know Pinggu North independent music Kawamura villagers Xue Jing. The 48-year-old Xue Jing, a year older than Yang Ruixi, "wanted to quickly find the time to rely on, to me Haojiu Hang." Xue Jing frankly, the first time we met, she did not fancy Yang Ruixi, "he not a high , leave-inch head, wearing pieces of old jacket. "However, due to a divorce and her ex-husband had an affair is because the other side, Xue Jing think that this honest man may not bear her. 2006 winter wedding banquet to do in the 薛静弟 brother Xue Qiang home, but they did not receive a marriage certificate. "We are very good for him, my sister, a man came to my house, to see Uncle came, hastened to make dumplings." Xue Qiang said at first he felt that a good husband, a house still capable. But soon after, Qiang Xue Xue Jing constantly told on the phone, 杨瑞喜 beat her. Xue Jing told his brother, Yang Ruixi not give her money to live, they each had their own, buy food, buy rice must be accounted for, eleven, and he reported, "not on the penny, they shouted, hit anyone. "intolerable Xue Jing, Yang Ruixi repeatedly raised and parted, but get is Yang Ruixi bare his teeth intimidation," How dare you go, I'll kill your niece, your brother take the explosives collapse. "2009, Xue Jing Yang Ruixi while not at home, move from their home. After the breakup, Xue Jing sell in a market Pinggu Spicy, Yang Ruixi constantly looking for trouble, "freeload on my stall, shouting cursed, breaking things." Confirmed a greengrocer market, Xue Jing The old man came to her, but also asked her Xue residence. One day in 2010, Xue Qiang received a sister phone, "you come, Yang Ruixi a knife to kill me." Xue Qiang rushed to her sister booths, police have presence, he did not see 杨瑞喜 with a knife, but he Or face reprimanded Yang Ruixi why break up also to harass people, "I did not hit him, but pushed him two." "push the two," Gui 20 years ago, "a slap in the face", as are Yang Ruixi in mind. In detention centers, Yang Ruixi sitting on a chair, body and kept shaking his head, "the old account new account-all fiddle fiddle, somersault somersault, I'll narrow-minded, or he was sorry for my." (Outside the text, in addition to 杨瑞喜 pseudonym ) ■ Sound "from 杨瑞喜 personal growth experience to see the depths of his heart has been troubled by a few pieces of trivia, these are his psychological 'junk', they have been stacked in 杨瑞喜 heart, he could not bear to throw until the rot, leading to His paranoid today face similar problems, we must first learn to others tell their inner unhappiness, the pressure to resolve it; Second, the person with whom he produced dispute, if indeed they have a fault, in a timely manner to apologize to him, to ease his mind hatred. Eventually, Yang Ruixi choose murder, because he could not find another way, if he knows how to ask for help to find the way to solve a variety of heart problems, do not put their pain attributed to someone else, his life is not so . - Chinese People's Public Security University criminal psychology expert Li Meijin version A26-A27 written / Beijing News reporter Jenny Liu Yu-school (original title: Men killed six people pleaded guilty in court to stand trial does not admit)




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