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the man named James Kay

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PostPosted: Fri 6:51, 07 Mar 2014    Post subject: the man named James Kay

 Yangtze Chinese Commercial News reporters Chen Yourong and Tong Xunyuan Tongjing Bin Sun Xianbin stealing motorcycles, stabbed the police, breaking various barriers to escape. The day before yesterday afternoon, three Ezhou man driving a rented car to 200 km / h speed in yellow chow, Mission style,[url=]abercrombie france[/url], double willow and Wuhan Xinzhou outer staged a "crazy car" and finally fled Ezhou. Under the command of the Provincial Public Security Bureau, Huanggang, Wuhan, Ezhou three police teamed dogged pursuit of more than 200 kilometers, 11:15 that night, police Ezhou a hotel in the 2 man arrested yesterday at 4 pm, another man in home arrest. Wounded in police chase caught on the way Hu longer life threatening, hundreds of local people spontaneously to the hospital yesterday to visit them. Huanggang City related to the leadership of Hu sent flowers and condolences to Kim. Time: The day before yesterday 14:25 Location: Huanggang Central Hospital burglary was found stabbed police fled It is understood that since February 15 this year, the Central Hospital of Huanggang motorcycle theft cases occurred more than local police immediately conducted investigation. Hu retrieval police hospital surveillance video and found an unlicensed silver modern cars is very suspicious. 2 pm the day before yesterday, Hu investigative dressed in civilian clothes to go out. When he walked to Huangzhou City Sports Road when he suddenly found a surveillance video of the bike unlicensed silver sedan. He followed the car, while a call request reinforcements. 14:25, unlicensed cars parked in front of Huanggang Central Hospital staff dormitory,[url=][/url], the car down two men holding a hammer, they walked toward a row of motorcycles. Hu inventory driver approached police found three of the car is rented. "They are people who steal a motorcycle!" Hu decided to try to deal with, wait for police reinforcements. At this point, the cab suddenly pulled out a knife man,[url=][/url], stabbed in the left arm Hu. Meanwhile, the other two men are surrounded to car theft, holding knife to kill Hu. Fight, Hu indicated that the police identity and sounding the alarm. 3 men seeing this, quickly rushed to the car, stepped on the gas to escape. Hu reluctantly chase out tens of meters, the end result of excessive bleeding, collapsed to the ground. Time: The day before yesterday 15:28 Location: yuwang toll station turn red card twice Chi Wang Tuanfeng criminals out of the hospital door car when two police cars were cut off reinforcements to come. Criminals suddenly turned around and hit a van, then broke into the hospital nursing school Huanggang interlinked, escaped from the police encirclement. Police,[url=]hogan rebel[/url], criminals on the test car shed Street, Cross Street, West Lake Road ...... chow in the yellow zone turned twice, looking out of the city opportunities. 15:02, thugs rushed to Hubei Huanggang Changjiang River Bridge toll station,[url=][/url], ready to flee Ezhou. At 1000 meters from the toll station, they found that intensive police car, then turn on the Pearl Avenue, quickly fled towards the direction of Xishui. Pottery shop at the exit toll station 100 meters away from the east of the Yellow states, criminals also found four police cars blocking the channel mouth, then turned around again, frantically galloped toward the direction of the wind group. 15:28, gangsters drove to the front yuwang toll,[url=]mulberry outlet london[/url], with the charges after a truck out of the station. Time: The day before yesterday 16:00 Location: New Island Shuangliu pedal to the metal containment police crashed into a gangster on the northern highway, driving speed ahead. Although police group set up two checkpoints wind, but still can not stop the crazy cars. "An unlicensed silver modern cars have fled to New Island,[url=]mulberry wallet[/url], will you help intercept!" New Continent Public Security Bureau police station clock Huo Shuangliu Tuanfeng police received a request later, new Island police have issued a directive to intercept. 16:00 the same day, the car appeared in the distance of the target Shuangliu police station 300 meters away! Police car across the road blocked,[url=][/url],[url=]mulberry sale bags genuine[/url], but the fleeing gangsters driving Jicha, crashed police car overtaking from the left, then quickly reverse, stepped on the accelerator and ran the floor of the Yangtze river bank. Police failed to catch up. According to reports, the criminals driving the dirt road along the river bank bolted into the WIT. Then, on the outer ring of Wuhan,[url=]hollister online shop deutschland sale[/url], and then over the bridge WIT, running all the way again. Police chase analysis, criminals likely to flee Ezhou, Ezhou then sent a large number of police rushed. 16:29,[url=]abercrombie en ligne[/url], cars crossed the red card futon toll station, disappeared after entering Ezhou urban areas. Time: The day before yesterday 23:15 Location: Ezhou Moon Bay hotel the night police arrested a fugitive investigation 300 residents Huanggang, Ezhou city police began large-scale search. There are clues to show that there was a gang in Huangshi Zhao Ezhou things, injuring police, members of the group have a man named Liu Bin, who lives in the town of Zelin. Bin police investigation surrounding the night 11:15, 50 city police entering Hubei Moon Bay hotel to start the search. Suddenly, a man opened the door and rushed downstairs. "Bin!'s Him!" Police quickly their uniforms. Meanwhile, waiting in a hotel outside the police found the second floor of a room, a man ready to jump off to escape. Rooms police kicked the door, the man grabbed the hands of a switchblade, which was captured. After the trial,[url=][/url], the man named James Kay, principal theft gang. Bin also confessed, has been involved in stealing motorcycles. In order to arrest a suspect last gang, the police decided to continue waiting beside the hotel. 1 o'clock yesterday morning,[url=][/url], a modern car in front of the hotel, the police surrounded them and arrested the man inside the cab. After investigation, the man in charge of transfers Liu Bindeng person. According to him,[url=]hollister berlin online shop[/url], the gang stealing another man called Liu Ping, who lives in the city of Hubei raita district. Police immediately went to the area,[url=]abercrombie deutschland online shop[/url], carpet-search. 4:00, look for more than 300 residents, the police eventually hiding in the bathroom of their own Liu Ping captured. Escape route Huangzhou City Sports Road - Huanggang Central Hospital staff dormitory - Huanggang nursing school - examination halls Street, Cross Street, West Lake Road Cable - stayed Bridge toll booths - Pearl Avenue - Pottery shop charges Station - yuwang toll station - northern highway - Tuanfeng - New Island Shuangliu - WIT - Wuhan outer ring - WIT Bridge - no driver's license Ezhou ◇ dialogue fugitives fled 200 kilometers per hour flat head, dressed in cheap black jacket, in the interrogation room, 19-year-old Liu Bin seem less restless, his hands constantly struggling. It is understood that, in 2007, Liu Bin, but had to help people succeed, the wounded were sentenced to eight months in prison last year, was released prisoners. Changjiang Daily: When did you start to steal Bin: 14-year-old began to learn to steal, had told a "eldest brother" learned a lot "skills." In Ezhou Zelin area, I stole things are notoriously, stealing a car a minute to get, rarely misses. Changjiang Daily: You stole a total of how many times the car Cars are sold them Bin: (shaking his head) do not remember. I began to car theft from 2005,[url=][/url], under normal circumstances, stolen cars and sell them by James Kay. A car to sell around $ 800. This year, we come Huangzhou four times, stealing four motorcycles. Usually someone car, only to engage. Changjiang Daily: to get the money you do anything Bin: When I'm on the first two days, Zhou (due to be sentenced in Yellowstone killing case) often find me money, then I followed him mixed. On one occasion, he took us to play, taking a hemp fruit, once or twice, I hooked. Now Gaoqian, is to hemp fruit. Last two cars sold 1,300 yuan, I got $ 300 to buy a hemp fruit. Changjiang Daily: Do you have a driving license When you open fled how fast Bin: I am a self-taught car, no driver's license. My father is a bus driver, ran Echeng to Fankou, since 2005, I occasionally run with the car with my dad, learned to drive. I fear they (the police) to catch up on the throttle to run, probably 200 kilometers per hour. I want to wear designer clothes than a large one-year-old Tu Bin Kay, some slim, do not look handsome. The face of questions from reporters, he always pushed the blame to others. Changjiang Daily: Liu Bin said vehicle thefts are you responsible for picking, how many cars you steal James Kay: We all had to pry the lock. I stole a total of only five cars. Changjiang Daily: cars are you selling James Kay: No, everyone is selling, selling money, in addition to pay rental fees,[url=][/url],[url=]mulberry outlet[/url], and the rest are divided. Changjiang Daily: Your car theft for what James Kay: buy clothes. I want to wear designer clothes. ◇ healthy young hundred people spontaneously to the hospital to visit injured police Yesterday 15:30 Xu, reporters came 4th Floor, Building Huanggang Central Hospital. Hu police lying on the bed, a gray-haired old man holding a bowl of pork noodles into his ward. The old man surnamed Lu, is a small restaurant outside the hospital boss, he was sent to a special trip to the Hu lunch. Hu bed nightstand,[url=]hollister kids[/url], and a box of bread, bed filled with flowers. Hu said that the bread and the majority of flowers are sent do not know the people. And send lunch Lu boss, ever get him help. Huang State police, after Hu injured, hundreds of people have spontaneous visit to the ward, in their own way to express Hu concern. Yesterday morning, Huanggang Municipal Committee, Political and Legal Committee, Public Security Bureau Yang Zhi Hu specifically for sending flowers and condolences to Kim, he praised Hu wise and brave, Yongdoudaitu,[url=]escarpin louboutin pas cher[/url], courage, justice, good and establish a people's police image.

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