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Visitors do not want to buy cigarettes were accuse

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PostPosted: Wed 22:33, 27 Nov 2013    Post subject: Visitors do not want to buy cigarettes were accuse

's image ......" Yesterday the A8 edition exclusive newspaper reported the news yesterday in Nanjing contact local travel agents,[url=]air jordan[/url], when the world community then sent a female tour guide apologized to visitors Wu video. Ground operators also sent a fax, said it would dismiss this guide, source: Guangdong TV "Midday News" never hired, and the whole industry in the local notice to be "killed." Newspaper reports also attracted attention of the local tourism sector in Zhuhai last night 10:00, Zhuhai Tourism Bureau of Quality Supervision Chensuo Zhang said that curse female tour guide was "undocumented tour guide." In this regard, the complainant Xiaofeng and another two tourists, told reporters in Nanjing,[url=][/url], Zhuhai female tour guide they think an apology is not sincere, and today continues to Nanjing Tourism Bureau of Parks complaints. Apologize or show curse female tour guide deadpan read a letter of apology yesterday at 5:30 pm,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url],[url=][/url], reporters rushed to Nanjing, a group responsible for the travel agency. The agency official said, according to their understanding,[url=][/url],[url=]moncler[/url], female tour guide gaffe, leading and tourists this dispute is purely her personal reasons, "no matter what the reason, she say something like that to prove her bad work ethic." The official people say that travel agents are among co-operation process within the industry is segmented according to the regional transfer guests. Happen "curse event" that day, in accordance with the contract process,[url=][/url], visitors arrive after the exit of Zhuhai in Zhuhai tour, then return to the airport, "this passage by the local ground operators responsible." The official said, through the newspaper informed of the matter immediately and Zhuhai to access social contact. Processing result is expelled female tour guide Wu, and never hired, and within the industry communications, other travel agencies not to hire. One of the complainants, the public Xiaofeng female tour guide offered to apologize, Nanjing and Zhuhai immediately contact the travel agency, "has just been sent an apology video." 6:45 pm, Yang Xiaofeng and another two visitors came to the travel agency to watch the apology video . This reporter saw the video, female tour guide Wu deadpan reading has previously written a letter of apology. Beginning of their day's doings apologize,[url=]hollister[/url], affecting the tourism image. Wu said the tours should serve the tourists, and her for their own selfish interests,[url=]barbour sale[/url], brought serious consequences, and again say sorry, please forgive tourists. Recently because of family reasons,[url=]hollister[/url], the mood is very unstable, emotional instability brought this work again among the companies now give her expulsion and notify peers tourism,[url=]hollister sale[/url], the tourism industry can not survive themselves. She was very sorry, when the urge to bring their own such serious consequences, Nanjing line 12 tourists want to give forgiveness. Although the whole process, there are two female guide eyes and nose wiping action, but can not determine whether from the video because of Tears. Tourists and tour guides when connecting the phone heard laughter and for two minutes and 29 seconds add up to an apology video, three tourists unacceptable, "I think she was not sincere, she regretted only because the company's punishment, while did not really realize what hurt us in the end. "Xiaofeng said, when the farm was scolded female tour guide,[url=][/url], there are more than 100 onlookers, we all feel very bear, and the scene there is children,[url=][/url],[url=]peuterey[/url], the children are said to be "liar, a pauper." "My child is 8 years old,[url=][/url], when I bought a pack of cigarettes to sell her." Tourists Miss Xue said, because the children would sit on their side, while the female tour guide kept "force", because it really does not require, the whole car one will buy. Seeing inside the atmosphere is very heavy, she pays a view to easing, the "I do not want children to see the bad side." Miss Xue said, getting more and more over the last female tour guide, took place unpleasant scene. For the tour's apology, she said, the apology from the female tour guide, she did not feel it had to recognize their insult to tourists how serious, just read the prior written drafts, "In fact, this is not a problem of the quality of tour guides, and management system is the problem. "visitors can not accept the apology female tour guide, travel agency in Nanjing Wu's phone rang again the hope that Wu and complaints of tourists can communicate. Speakerphone next Xiaofeng express their views, female tour guide repeatedly said "I hope not give me a chance," when Xiaofeng emphasize his "personality hurt", somehow I heard the laughter again angered Yang Xiaofeng,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], he hung up the phone, coordinating apologize deadlocked. Visitors suspect into a "zero or negative fare" Mission To continue complaint Meanwhile, three tourists still have many doubts: female tour guide far in Zhuhai, whether it was fired I hope this can have official confirmation. Also suggested that ground operators have to bear the responsibility, to be published in the media on the ground operators of the processing results. "We want to eradicate this phenomenon, do not let other people in Nanjing suffered such incidents." Nanjing travel agent said that in the future no longer and this ground operators have business dealings, this "commitment "still can not let visitors convinced. In addition, female tour guide in the process of claiming curse "Your meals are my fare paid"! Let Xiaofeng group members began to doubt myself and participate in the "five-day tour Hong Kong and Macao", whether that is on the market "zero or negative fare" group,[url=][/url], is the first to be guided to spend money only, and then rely on forced consumption subsidies fares. In this regard, Nanjing travel agency explained that "This tour is the scum of the industry." In this regard, Yang Xiaofeng said that just punishment a tour guide or a travel agency is of no use, he will continue to go to Nanjing Tourism Bureau of Parks complaint, hoping to identify the tourism sector, do not let more visitors encountered similar events. ■ Zhuhai Tourism Bureau: curse female tour guide was undocumented "black lead" the newspaper reports also attracted great attention in Zhuhai Tourism Bureau, yesterday afternoon, the council tourism quality supervision call the reporter, indicated a wish to get in touch with the complainant . 10:00 last night,[url=]air jordan[/url], the Bureau of Tourism Quality Supervision preliminary investigation informed, so that the whole incident has changed. Quality Supervision Chensuo Zhang thanked the newspaper for their support in the investigation, yesterday afternoon through the newspaper contacted the complainant Xiaofeng, locate Nanjing ground operators, deeper investigation has found the time to take community. "According to our preliminary investigation, which is not in Zhuhai local travel agency, is in the field." Chensuo Zhang said, Zhuhai tourism is "barrier", and as long as regular tourism enterprises, can do it "Ground" . Yesterday afternoon, the Institute has been on the parties to access social and female tour guide made a record of inquiry, preliminary investigation shows that female tour guide Wu is undocumented,[url=]doudoune moncler[/url], "female tour guide's identity has yet to be further confirmed that the investigation of the results, and then take a penalty procedures, requires a time. "Chensuo Zhang said that to identify later, ground operators and Wu will make heavy penalties. "If I had a formal tour guides, the situation would not be so bad." When Xiaofeng learned the results, "It seems we doubt the sincerity of female tour guide did not feel right." He said, it is even more strengthened our resolve to continue the complaint, should be responsible for this tour. In this regard, Nanjing tourism industry insiders said that if the ground operators involved in illegal use "undocumented guide",[url=]louboutin[/url], Nanjing travel agents may also face penalties. What will eventually be a result of the tour Nanjing whether alleged breach Newspaper will continue to focus on. Our reporter Yang Juan

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